Access more AEC professionals

Direct access to the most highly qualified Revit users within the leading global AEC firms

Position BIM content within the search and discovery experience in the most widely used applications

Expand beyond design to other influencers and decision makers within the construction lifecycle

Engage BIM practitioners

In-application search and discovery experience integrated into the primary design tools

Firm-approved content access, allowing users to select products with confidence

Creating a positive digital customer experience connected to your brand

Analyze user activity

Decision-based analytics highlighting actual product selections

Validate and measure activity of selected product portfolio

Better understanding of product category demand across the network

gridcloud fuels
your growth

The digitalization of content has transformed how AEC professionals access and consume content. Manufacturers need to embrace this new generation and how they work. The solution is gridCloud.

gridCloud BIM Content Delivery Network empowers  manufacturers to actively promote their brand and products directly within the applications and workflows of the BIM community.

Our approach


gridCloud empowers manufacturer marketing professionals to increase their reach to the entire construction community at the right time when product selection decisions happen.

  • Drive more visibility to a broader market of AEC professionals to get your products selected during project design
  • Participate in more content destinations and drive traffic to your brand and website
  • Leverage our network to promote your brand and drive selection of your products within project workflows
  • Present a high quality search and discovery experience to meet their design needs
  • Capture real-time customer activity in their review of your products
  • Enhance your sales and marketing campaigns with actionable data from user activity
expand your market reach.
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